CKN of Scandinavia is a leading Danish brand of luxurious and high quality fur and leather garments and goods, designed and developed by world renowned Danish company Pelsnoer A/S. 

Pelsnoer A/S has been a leader in the design of fur and leather garments and clothing, as well as leather goods, for more than 30 years and have been an important trendsetter for a number of years.

CKN of Scandinavia offers a full range of coats, jackets, vest and ponchos, as well as scarves and fur hats in all price levels.

CKN of Scandinavia have always been characterized by the supreme quality of the fur and leather materials used, the quality of the workmanship and its wide variety and range of styles. Styles range from a raw and rebellious look, across classic and modern feminine silhouettes and completing with high-class, elegant styles and expressions. Over the years, CKN of Scandinavia have strived to strike a balance between classic and exclusive styles and looks, but at the same time exploring and embracing the modern and experimenting fashion trends within the fur and leather clothing universe.