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Denim Studio

Born in Paris in 2002, Denim Studio designs fashion in a very special way. With partners with more than thirty years of experience in the denim world, we make quality and attention to details an obsession. Sublimating the woman, meeting her expectations, evolving with her time by imagining each season unique creations with ever more perfect cuts. Not to mention over 28 different colors each season.

Each story begins with a word, a shade, an experience ... A sketch, carefully designed in Paris by the style studio, which loves to make its two collections each year.


Constantly looking for the finest fabrics, Denim Studio is associated with the best European workshops, aiming at know-how and quality for each supplier. We take our inspirations in an ever more innovative industry by developing fabrics with special feels thanks to high standard treatments. The denims are handcrafted to obtain an aged look close to a natural wear and that resists the effects of time.