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Gardenia/Shoe Biz Copenhagen

The story about Gardenia Copenhagen started three generations ago in 1941 in a small basement on Nørrebro, in the center of Copenhagen - Denmark. 
The family-owned Gardenia Copenhagen were among the first players to introduce high heels and pointy toes in Denmark. By focusing on consistency and remaining faithful towards its roots, Gardenia Copenhagen managed to establish itself as one of the most successful shoe brands on the market. Today, the vision and unconditional love for our products are carried on by our founder’s grandson, Allan Gutkin, who is the CEO and director of Gardenia Copenhagen. 

Shoe Biz Copenhagen has its origin in Gardenia Copenhagen which started three generations ago in 1941 in Copenhagen - Denmark. What started out in 1941 as a clog business in a basement in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro area has since become an international brand deeply rooted in the design tradition of three generations. Where Gardenia unites classic and exclusive designs with strong seasonal trends. The quirky sister brand, Shoe Biz Copenhagen, has a lighter approach towards its audience and can be defined by the brand mantra: Edgy in style - Easy to wear - Good comfort - & great prices for high quality materials.

Shoe Biz represents the core of the wearable and comfortable shoe wardrobe, and all production is taking place in Europe. Through a forward-thinking in-house design team and through a range of collaborations with young, talented designers Shoe Biz Copenhagen has today positioned itself not only as a must-have shoe brand but as one of fashion’s trendsetting names.